Abdul Rahman Alasaad
Mark Eyskens

"The future is mystery. The past is memory. Today is opportunity to make the world better. That's why we call it present."

The crisis of Globalistan. The death of ideologies. The need for an ethics of change. The need for a new image of God: Mark Eyskens, former Prime Minister of Belgium, advocates that changes are overwhelming us. "What we need is not in the first place change. What we need is improvement." And he shares his perspective of improvement and opportunities for change with us. He feels that the crisis is not necessarily a catastrophe, but it might be a challenge. This crisis might even represent the birth of a new world, a new world community. And he calls this new world Globalistan. However, the birth of this new world is in our hands. And this changing world, mainly driven by the fast changing ICT-business, also affects the survival of ideologies such as socialism and capitalism. All this demands for an ethics of change rather than changing ethics. If you want to be part of a first class lecture about the past, present and future, this talk is a true must-see.